Do you remember the film Rear Window?  Here's a quick recap...In 1950 a free lance photographer played by Jimmy Stuart is confined to a wheelchair. He has little to do and spends much of his time observing his neighbors. He thinks a crime has been committed...and so the plot thickens....

Visible City by Tova Mirvis reveals a similar situation, although it definitely stands on its own and there's no crime witnessed. Reviewers called the novel "profound and absorbing" and the characters "multi-dimensional".....If you're ready for a quick and exciting read Visible City is available on Amazon. Click on the Amazon Search Box in the Sidebar.


"If you keep talking to strangers… eventually they become
friends." Mirvis (The Ladies Auxiliary) writes an intimate story about different types of relationships, including those with complete strangers. Mirvis sets her story on New York City's Upper West Side where two families live in high-rise apartments with their curtains open, one apartment's windows facing the other's. Nina, a restless ex-lawyer and current stay-at-home mother, is in possession of her son's toy binoculars.

To fill the lonely hours until her lawyer husband Jeremy gets home from work, she watches, with admiration and growing jealousy, an older couple across the way. One evening, instead of seeing two peaceful companions reading quietly on the couch, Nina sees a youthful couple (temporarily staying in the older couple's apartment) in a lustful and heated embrace.

The sight makes Nina reinterpret the comfortable and quiet love of the older couple, and wish for something closer to what the young couple has. Her new mindset is further complicated when fate steps in, and the lives of Nina's family and the strangers in the window collide. In this story of chance and the temptation of change, Mirvis elicits the reader's sympathy for her characters' conflicting desires.


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