So JK Rowling has been outed. Yes, it's old news but the author of the Harry Potter books using the pen name, Robert Galbraith has written a "winner" acording to Betsy S, a blog reader and
member of my book group.

Here's what David Kuder of the Huffington Post had to say about
THE CUCKOO'S CALLING by "Robert Galbraith":

If I had been reading the book in the absence of the knowledge of just who wrote it, a review would have been easy and very pleasant to write: it’s a taut, well-written mystery that does a wonderful job of reviving an all-but-dead genre, the gumshoe detective style mastered by Hammett, Chandler and (on the other side of the pond, and in a very different mode) Sayers. The characters are strikingly, efficiently drawn, the pacing neither too fast nor too slow, the leavening of real humor a pleasant surprise, and the mystery properly mysterious............

I personally commend JK Rowling. She's been wearing a disguise, pretending to be a man named Robert Galbraith. He was created so Rowling could see what people think of her without the boy wizard...with no literary expectations.... until she was outed. Reviewers and readers loved this book..

Betsy S labeled it a "very captivating mystery" and many agree. Download it, buy or borrow it before Hollywood takes possession!

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