FEELING REMORSE... (09/03/2013))

Maybe I was a little harsh in my recent review of THE SILENT WIFE,(See Must Read Thrillers) but all the hype led me to believe I was in for an engaging summer read...so much for that...Maybe its time to check out some short stories to accompany my short fuse!

The following collection was reviewed recently in the New York Times. The title immediately attracted me. I travel the Sagamore Bridge occasionally but I'm unsure how the short stories relate. Haunting, memorable and well crafted describe this collection....

 See what you think....

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By Peter Orner

The opening sentences of Peter Orner’s lapidary stories are irresistible invitations to read further: “Gary died before the divorce was finalized, before he’d even moved out.” “Henry’s enemy lived in the room next door.” “My brother used to terrorize me with a small rubber hippopotamus named Longfellow.”

These very short tales — 52, in less than 200 pages — range without straining over a great expanse of time and experience: an affair at a hotel in 1912; a woman preparing to bury her troubled son in 1986; in 1999, a weary Communist in Prague reflecting on his life. The very briefest of them, less than a page long, can feel unnecessary; others that cover just five or six pages are more forcefully imagined than many novels.


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