Hallie Ephron is an author and an award winning book reviewer for the Boston Globe. Her new novel There Was an Old Woman is a story of trust, betrayal, deception and madness...something for everyone.

K. E. posted this review on Goodreads:

While the cover leads you to believe it will be scarier than it is, the novel is actually a thoughtful piece about two daughters dealing with their mother's illness and death. All the while the sub-plot is about the mystery of why their mother's neighborhood has become so decrepit so quickly.

The story also focuses on the historical preservation of artifacts from fires in NYC, so the plot has a lot going on at once. The neighbor of the ill woman, Mina, is a wonderful representation of the feisty old lady. You like her and feel so badly for her as you realize she is being seriously manipulated long before she does.

 I am always amazed at how life spins you in circles so that you have to come in contact with the past you cannot evade, no matter how much you try. This story has the same message for both the young and old.  

While this is not high art, it was a delightful read - I polished it off in three days. The style is comfortable, the pacing good, and the messages strong.

My Thoughts:
I've read several of Hallie Ephron's books and have found them to be well written, fast paced and always engaging. If you're looking for a summer read, try There Was an Old Woman. You'll be caught up immediately.
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