PAGE TURNERS ....SORT OF (2/6/2012)

Everyone is looking for a "page turner"... that special book that keeps you wanting more...that book that stays in your head all a new love or for some of us...a great desert..fresh, exciting, unexpected, thrilling ......

Here's  Some  Recommendations...You Decide..

by Adam Wilson   (release date 2/21/12)          
Recently chosen best book of the month on Amazon, this book is reviewed as a bleakly funny and outrageous first novel by Adam Wilson.  The main character, Eli Schwartz is a stoned slacker who befriends a suicidal sex addict, mooches off his parents, and is generally in complete disarray.
However, don't lose's written with  laugh out loud humor and some sensitivity! By the end, the reader is captivated by the characters, the comic voice of the author  and a really hopeful outcome.

Product DetailsSTAY AWAKE

Many of you will remember Await Your Reply by Don Chaon, a celebrated and popular author.  But did you know that before he wrote novels he was a renowned author of short stories?
This new collection of short stories mixes suspense with despair. It's not an uplifting read and the stories are not always hopeful, but the plots are provocative and the characters are interesting.
This book is not for's not a feel good book..but you won't be able to put it down.



This is a fast, compelling courtroom drama by an award winning author.  A family is put to the test as a father defends his son who is accused of an unspeakable crime.

How far would you go to protect your family? DEFENDING JACOB combines a riviting family drama with realistic courtroom scenes.

Amazon said "This legal thriller rivals the best of Scott Turow and John Grisham"

I've downloaded it to my kindle!

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                                                                 Book Alert!

Product Details

Several weeks ago I reviewed NO ONE IS HERE EXCEPT ALL OF US by RAMONA AUSUBEL. The New York Times agreed with my review. (Whew!)

Scroll down to MORE RELEASES FOR JANUARY AND FEBRUARY to read about this groundbreaking and riviting novel.. It's a keeper.

It's gotten rave reviews and yes, it is beautifully written. Book groups are reading it en masse and it was a nominee for the Booker Award.  So what's my problem?         To be Continued......

(2/07/12) Conclusion...
It's too slow-moving...Cannot get into it...Don't care about the characters...
Put me to sleep...............The End

A STATE OF WONDER by Anne Patchett

This book was chosen as Amazon's Best Book of the Month in June. The Washington Post labeled it the "best read of the summer".  A blog reader reported that A State of Wonder is a spellbinder from beginning to end...even better than Bel Canto. However, it's gotten mixed reviews and many readers felt it was slowmoving. Overall the story is a compelling one, the jungle is vividly described and the narrative is replete with poison arrows, snakes, cannibals and more. The struggles of the main character, a doctor who was forced to give up her career, leads the reader into an exotic and exciting world of adventure... Definetly worth reading.

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