As I was drinking my morning coffee and reading the local alternative newspaper, I came across the following article titled  NEW BOOK BLOG by LOCAL BIBLIOPHILE.... A What??   BIBLIOPHILE?
Here's the article....

BY  D.M.  Editor
February 12, 2011

"As a once rabid reader who read several books a week and now can barely get through a chapter a month due to lack of that extra day of the week I need in my life, I thought I'd share a new book blog being produced by  Joyce S. called  JOYCE'S CHOICES.
A life long city resident, this avid reader offers up some informative reviews and quirky commentary to help you reach the top of  the "TO READ" list you've been keeping.
In the ABOUT ME section of the blog, Joyce says "I hope this blog will be entertaining as well as informative, combining fiction, nonfiction and other genres to broaden the appeal"
 Be sure to check it out."

That's it..Enough Bibliophiling!  Scroll down to really get a thrill.....

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