BLOG NOTES (02/ 20/ 2012)

Thankyou readers for the overwhelming response to Joyce's Choices. I have over 5,000 hits, over 60 blog followers, and even more followers on Facebook. Who would've thought.....

Please don't hesitate to post a comment on the blog. I would love to have some feedback. Talk about books, disagree with me, or just add your own opinions.

On the sidebar, under Book Index, I  have included an alphabetical list of every book mentioned in the blog. This is a quick and easy way for visitors to find a post or a book. Just click on the title...

I now have a direct feed to the Wall Street Journal Book Section (YSJ).  You can access it on the sidebar below my profile.

Remember anything can be ordered from Amazon directly from Joyce's Choices.


THIS WAS MY HOUSE FIRST by Jenifer Clements Stockdale has reached the second round of the Amazon Breakthrough Author Contest. Jenifer Clements Stockdale is a Special Education teacher and has been a foster parent for ten years. She is one of ten children and grew up on Martha's Vineyard.
THIS WAS MY HOUSE FIRST is reviewed on this blog. It's a poignant and true story about the inner works of foster care from someone not emmeshed in the system.

Go to the sidebar to find THIS WAS MY HOUSE FIRST and read the full review.

Congratulations Jenifer!


  1. I came accross your name on book blogs, you had asked a question about not getting many comments. I read this and the comments you received and was nosey enough to follow the post here. I would like to say i like your blog, the layout, your posts. They are informative and witty. And although your profile says you are new (maybe not so much now) you seem to have got it sorted much better than i have. I will be clicking to become a follower of your blog. And no doubt i will be adding a few comments to your posts. They may not be very witty or informative, but you will know you have one interested follower out there who likes your thoughts.

  2. Hi, Joyce. Read your lament over on bookblogs.ning, and came over to see what the issue was. My first thought is subject matter. You review books. There are zillions of books, and if your reader hasn't read the book you're reviewing, then he has nothing to say about it; that dialogue is closed to him. I blog about whatever strikes my fancy, and I find that one subject will draw a flurry of comments, and the next turns them away in droves. The fact that you have 64 followers despite your statement that you are new to this means that people are enjoying what you're offering. I feel you... I do this for the discussions, and it's really frustrating to put something up and then not have any. Just cherish what you have. I have collected a circle of "regulars" who all comment regularly on each others' blogs. Very enjoyable. Figure out which way your site's going to go, and run with it!

  3. Hi Joyce! I just dropped by to say I love your book index and I don't think the number of followers really reflect how great you're doing as a blogger. There are a lot of book lovers who don't have a google account or those who don't have a blog but they just as well appreciate a great review. Have a great day!

    I'm a new follower!