All the critics praised this book. "So many layers and messages". Of course it's about a marriage which leads to family... which leads to angst....which leads to heart-wrenching characters. In this case it's an emotional journey that takes an in depth look at a marriage that has been dealt a severe blow. Suspenseful and beautifully written it's an engaging and enlightening story.

an american marriage

The quietly devastating effects of mass incarceration hit one recently married couple hard in Tayari Jones’s moving new novel An American Marriage. Roy and Celestial are upwardly mobile Southerners considering expanding their family when Roy is arrested and imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. The rest of the novel explores the fallout, through letters and deftly-handled switches in points of view. Though it’s a heavy subject, Jones wields a light hand, imbuing Roy, Celestial and their friends and family with nuance and sympathy. What could have been an overwrought, didactic allegory about the prison industrial complex, is instead a subtle, powerful portrayal of ordinary Americans and the human costs of unjust systems. 


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