Two books recommended by Goodreads are part of the many books that are going on vacation with me. I may not be posting as much as I'll be busy sipping tropical drinks by the pool for a few weeks. So if I can stay "focused"... I plan to do a lot of reading and will return with an profusion of good book info.

If you're going on a stay-cation or a vacation, here's two new releases to read over the holidays.

The Age of Reinvention

Identity, prejudice, and deception are at the heart of this bestselling French novel about an impoverished Tunisian immigrant in Paris who steals his Jewish friend's identity and reinvents himself as a top New York lawyer.

The Short Drop

by Matthew Fitzsimmons (Goodreads Author)

A decade ago Suzanne Lombard, the teenage daughter of a powerful U.S. politician now campaigning for the presidency, disappeared. Enter hacker Gibson Vaughn, Suzanne's childhood friend, who embarks on a dangerous new quest to find her.

Have a wonderful holiday season filled with family, food, joy and peace...and of course lots of good books!

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