Remember Room by Emma Donoghue?...How could you forget this powerful and extremely intense novel? I have a feeling the movie will do it justice, mainly because Emma Donoghue was in on its development. Watch the trailer and read the author's comments below.


A Message from Author Emma Donoghue: 
When I first stepped into the set of the locked shed in which Ma and Jack live in ROOM (the movie), I was shaken to the core. (Even though I'd written the novel, and the screenplay too.) It was so small; how could two people live there for five years without going mad? It was so worn, so shabby, so grungy; how had I never pictured it that way? At that moment I realized that ROOM–the film–was going to bring a whole new level of naturalism to this story, because the camera pulls off the double trick of showing us Jack's world as he sees it, and as it really is. Whereas in the book we can only glimpse Ma through Jack's eyes, in the film we meet her face-to-face. I do hope you enjoy the movie this Fall as much as I’ve enjoyed helping to make it.

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  1. I'm beyond excited about this film! I absolutely adored the novel and pray that the filmmakers will do it justice. It has the potential to be brilliant!