The Paying Guests. Sarah Waters. Riverhead. 576 pages. $28.95.

Frances has it bad, and that's not good. Normally she's intelligent, reliable, 
and resourceful, a companion to her widowed mother, keeper of a large house on 
Champion Hill. But then Frances falls in love, and the carefully wrought edifice of
 her life collapses in a heap of passion and catastrophe.

Yes, I am reading The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters and I can't put it down.
It's not a great book but it's fascinating, bewildering, intriguing, and sensual.
I'm halfway into its 500 pages. I  have a constant sense of foreboding....

NPR said....
The Paying Guests, Sarah Waters' superb, bewitching new novel, is set 
in 1922 London. World War I has recently ended, but not before consuming 
hundreds of thousands of British lives and leaving the nation economically 
Families like Frances' — once wealthy — now find the cupboard bare and
Frances and her mother decide to take in lodgers, the "paying guests"...
Waters is a master of the slow build, of the gradual assemblage of 
tiny random moments that result in a life-altering love. 

(WARNING) This novel is one of the most sensual you will ever read, and all 
without sacrificing either good taste or a "G" rating....

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