AMERICANAH...... (August 2014)

I send out a monthy newsletter to blog followers, friends, family and anyone whose email I possess that may be a reader...This month I received responses from several recipients recommending AMERICANAH by Chimanda Ncozi Adiche.

 It was released in March to rave reviews and is a five hundred page powerful story of race and identity in Anerica and Nigeria.  AMERICANAH  takes place over a fifteen year period and is primarily about a Nigerian woman named Lfemelu and her first love. Racism is a recurring theme as is life in America for black Americans and non-American blacks.

Adiche is a gifted writer and her observations are painfully acute.  There are great insites into Nigerian life and observations about racism that are astounding.  Adiche describes AMERICANAH as a love story and it's the central theme,  but primarily AMERICANAH is a mix of sadness, laughter and brilliance.

HALF A YELLOW SUN,  another novel by Adiche is a vivid portrayal of Biafra before and after the war. It dramatically portrays the strength and endurance of the human spirit..a must read along with AMERICANAH.

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