Recently several Blog Readers emailed comments on books they are currently reading. Here's what they had to say....Feel free to add your opinion at the bottom of this page...

BLOOD AND BEAUTY by Sarah Dinant
"An easy read...similar to a Hilary Mantel saga but thankfully scaled down...The Borgias  are transformed into characters full of lust and life...Filled with page turning drama"

FROG MUSIC by Emma Donoghue
"Disappointing, not up to her usual standards, not as engrossing as ROOM..confusing narrative..."

NO BOOK BUT THE WORLD by Leah Hager Cohen
"Beautifully written, had to slog through and then left it unfinished...OY"

ORPHAN TRAIN by Christina Baker Kline
Compelling story...great characters...well written"

Do you agree? Leave a comment below....

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