Anne Patchett is the author of Bel Canto (my favorite and her best work)...also State of Wonder and Run. Her recent book, This is the Story of a Happy Marriage takes the reader into her real world, beginning with childhood to the present day. In a series of beautifully written essays, Patchett describes relationships (complicated, to say the least..), her writing process, adventures and so much more.. 
Barbara A is a voracious and discerning are her comments...  
"This is the story of a woman who: tends to her failing grandmother; takes an aging nun, her old teacher, shopping; who edits The Best American Short Stories of 2006 and writes some kind of brilliant introduction; who famously opens a bookstore --- on a whim and whilst giving full credit to her dedicated partner; and who, eventually, gets around to marrying the man she's adored, and been adored by, for eleven years.

This is the woman who buries that story, the story of a happy marriage, deep within the book, and to get to it, she, and you, need go camping in an Airstream; scale a six-foot wall; and debate the merits of an MFA in writing. And boy, is it ever worth all of that!

Loved every adventure with my very beguiling new best friend, Ann Patchett. So will you."



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