SOMEONE (09/15/2013)

Author Alice McDermott has won the National Book Award, been nominated for three Pulitzers and is one of my favorite authors.
SOMEONE, her latest novel has just been released. They say "past performance is no guarantee" but in this case, she's done it again.
(Who's they, anyway?)

Here's a brief summary of SOMEONE by Alice McDermott

Readers who love refined, unhurried, emotionally fluent fiction will rejoice at National Book Award–winner McDermott’s return. McDermott (After This, 2006) is a master of hidden intensities, intricate textures, spiked dialogue, and sparkling wit.

We first meet Marie at age seven, when she’s sitting on the stoop in her tight-knit, Irish-Catholic Brooklyn neighborhood, waiting for her father to come home from work. Down the street, boys play stickball, consulting with dapper Billy, their blind umpire, an injured WWI vet. Tragedies and scandals surge through the enclave, providing rough initiations into sex and death. 

Eventually Marie finds joy as a wife and mother, while Gabe struggles with his faith and sexuality. A marvel of subtle modulations, McDermott’s keenly observed, fluently humane, quietly enthralling novel of conformity and selfhood, of “lace-curtain pretensions” as shield and camouflage, celebrates family, community, and “the grace of a shared past.”

 Thankyou Donna Seaman for this review.

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