NEW AND WORTH NOTING has been a very popular blog post. It's a great opportunity for an unknown author to get some well needed attention. Because Joyce's Choices has over 31,000 page views, one never knows what literati will stop by (or not..)

The following author and Huffington Post blogger, Deborah Doucette contacted me on Facebook. I had reservations (and still do) about the title of her new book, BAD GIRLS, (can't help referencing Donna Summer's big hit) .....but after reading her bio and a book description, this version of Bad Girls sounded thought provoking and honest.


Deborah Doucette comes from an Italian American background and counts that as one of her most treasured blessings. She began her writing career as a free-lance journalist subsequently becoming involved in the issue of grandparents raising grandchildren. She is the author of the non-fiction book Raising Our Children’s Children: Room In The Heart updated and slated for re-release in Spring 2014.

Her women’s contemporary fiction novel, Bad Girls, is about the choices women face, family, a mystery and a little magic. Deborah's Italian American heritage prompted her to include many of her experiences in her novel, BAD GIRLS, as homage to her loving family.

She is a blogger for the Huffington Post, an artist, and mother of four. She lives in a small town west of Boston with her red standard poodle Fiamma (Italian for flame) enjoying the comings and goings of her twin grandchildren, and working on a new novel.

BAD GIRLS by Deborah Doucette

BAD GIRLS is an instantly engaging, evocative novel that draws you into the lives of three women on individual journeys of self-discovery and redemption. The protagonist, Rebecca Griffin, was raised to be a good girl in her Italian American family. Now she has everything she ever wanted, but her marriage is unraveling and for the first time, she wonders if she should try once again to stitch it together.

Worse, she fears her daughter, Dana, is going “bad,” hurtling dangerously out of reach toward a self-destructive calamity. Then Rebecca learns of the mysterious death long ago of a distant cousin at the prison bordering the small, idyllic New England town where she lives; it’s a story she can’t shake. Questions about the young woman nag at Rebecca as she desperately tries to reclaim the little girl she once knew, while struggling with the ragged remnants of her marriage.

Rebecca, her troubled daughter, Dana, and an enigmatic woman from the past, embark on a journey of discovery, both distinctly their own and shared. Each must wrestle with the demons that nip at their heels propelling them headlong until all three collide one desperate, enchanted autumn night.

BAD GIRLS, at its heart, is a story about family. The origins, variations and connections that shaped them – even the places they came from – set these women on their paths. As the unlikely travelers come to the end of their journey, they find new paths revealed in the most unearthly of places, from the most innocent of messengers.


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