An historical novel by accomplished author Tracy Chevalier is part of this month's new releases. Reviews have been excellent. Spotlighted below are other releases, all recipients of glowing reviews.
I'm halfway through A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara..only 400 pages to go..and what a read!!! Exhausting, hypnotic, and heartwrenching.....but in a good way!

AT THE EDGE OF THE ORCHARD by Tracy Chevalier (Historical Fiction)

In the muddy, stagnant swamps of northwest Ohio, James and Sadie Goodenough and their five children work relentlessly to tame their patch of land so they can cultivate the 50 apple trees required to stake their claim on the property. But the orchard they plant sows the seeds of a long battle.

All Things Cease to Appear

All Things Cease to Appear
By Elizabeth Brundage

This riveting literary thriller opens on a snowy night in small-town Chosen, New York, when art history professor George Clare finds his wife murdered at home. Or does he? A local police officer is convinced that Clare committed the crime, but a lengthy investigation that turns up many unseemly details fails to solve the case. Brundage masterfully switches between characters and viewpoints as she traces the threads of the story to its chilling denouement. 

Under the Influence 
 by Joyce Maynard

I always like Joyce Maynard’s writing and find her books to be compelling --- and memorable --- reads. In UNDER THE INFLUENCE, Helen’s life has unraveled due to her excessive drinking. Her marriage has fallen apart, and she has lost custody of her seven-year-old son, Ollie. Her career as a photographer is on the skids like the rest of her life. Then she meets Ava and Swift Havilland, who are wealthy and connected philanthropists, and becomes swept up in their “fabulous” world. They embrace Helen and Ollie, who quickly become like extended family.

Also new to Helen’s world is Elliott, a serious man who is an accountant and gives balance --- not excitement --- to Helen’s life. He’s solid and dependable, something that has been alien to her for a long time. But the Havillands dismiss him as neither fabulous nor exciting enough.

The story comes to a crescendo when Ollie witnesses an accident, and the ramifications of it unravel the world that has been carefully built around Helen. 

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