Author Joy Fielding never fails to deliver. Not the most literate of authors, her books are fun, undemanding, fast paced edge of your seat reads. This new psychological thriller is reminiscent of Rear Window and critics called it a "spiraling tale of paranoia and suspense." What more could you want?!!

Someone is Watching by Joy Fielding

This engrossing standalone from bestseller Fielding makes you care about Bailey Carpenter, a Miami-based investigator who’s raped while on surveillance. Previously, the biggest problems in Bailey’s life had been her mother’s death, her affair with a married colleague, and her five half-siblings’ attempt to overturn their father’s will, which left millions to Bailey and her often-stoned brother, Heath.

 Now Claire, a nurse as well as the half-sister Bailey barely knows, becomes her guardian angel as she starts on her slow path to recovery. Not sleeping and afraid to leave her high-rise apartment, Bailey suspects every man of evil intent, and she has a number of encounters, both frightening and embarrassing, in her quest to re-establish some control over her life. 

The characters pulsate with life, and there are a few shocks in store—for Bailey and the reader—before the denouement. And the presence of Jade, Claire’s outspoken teen daughter, blows everyone else off the page.


Jack of Spades by Joyce Carol Oates 

 – Andrew Rush, a critically and commercially successful mystery novelist has a dark secret: under a pseudonym he pens lurid, violent potboilers. He risks everything if his secret comes out in this exceptional tale of suspense.


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