I recently read the following review on Bookreporter.com and simultaneously received an email from a blog reader who expressed similar sentiments. M.O. Walsh has written a heartfelt, old fashioned Southern novel, ruptured by an unspeakable crime. According to both readers this is a compelling and unforgettable book.


I was lucky enough to read MY SUNSHINE AWAY back in the spring of 2014, as I interviewed M.O. Walsh for the BEA Book Buzz session last May. When I read the title, I started humming the song “You Are My Sunshine,” which I learned is one of the state songs of Louisiana. Then I read the first line of the book, “There were four suspects in the rape of Lindy Simpson,” and I stopped thinking sunny thoughts.

In the summer of 1989, Lindy was a girl who caught boys’ eyes, but while she was turning heads, she never seemed to notice. Then she is attacked one night, and the world changes for both her and those in the neighborhood around her. The “safe” world became a lot less innocent.

MY SUNSHINE AWAY is a brilliant, beautifully written coming-of-age story that has a mystery rolled into it --- a mystery that is not resolved until the last few pages. (www.bookreporter.com)


CRAZY LOVE YOU by Lisa Unger 

Lisa Unger has a knack for writing the kind of edgy psychological thriller that lures you in and wraps itself around you. Then, just when you think I got this story nailed, she whooshes you off into another direction. When you settle there, you know you better not get comfortable. This is a light read, a twisted tale, suspenseful and fast paced....mixed reviews.

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