The director, screenwriter, actor, artist and author, most recently, of “The First Bad Man,” can’t stand Garfield. “That dumb man and his dumb, mean cat have gotten more of our attention than they deserve.”  She says it like it is....and so does her debut novel.
Critics called this new book "slyly hilarious and infused with raging sexual obsession and fierce maternal love". It's been labeled dazzling, disorienting, and unforgettable. The First Bad Man will definetly be my next read....once I plow through All the Light I Cannot See which is very...slow...moving. I'm so ready for something exhilarating and unputdownable!
Here's a short review...

The First Bad Man by Miranda July

Miranda July is no slouch. Not only is she a filmmaker, a writer, an artist, and an actor, but now, with The First Bad Man (Scribner), she is also a novelist. What’s next, you may ask, cosmonaut? Well, if you consider exploring the surreal outer reaches of the emotional cosmos—galaxies of loneliness and sexual perversity, the mysterious moons of motherhood—then, yes, Miranda July is also a cosmonaut. Certainly, the star of her astonishing novel, Cheryl Glickman—eccentric, middle-aged, and childless—is out there. Cheryl’s life turns on her obsession with a no-good Lothario she believes was her lover in past lives, and a baby boy she bonded with as a girl. That is until Clee, the beautiful, violent, selfish 21-year-old daughter of her employers, comes to live with her, and knocks her world off its axis. In one novel, July tells us more about our universal need to be loved, and our ability to love and be loved, than most earthbound authors will in a lifetime.

UPDATE: I found this book to be very disappointing on so many levels. Don't waste your time....

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