Prolific reader Barbara A. recently posted these comments about LIFE AFTER LIFE  by Kate Atkinson. Released in January, this novel was the recipient of mixed reviews. It's a challenging storyline with different endings each playing out for the same situation. After reading Barbara's comments, I added it to my oh so long, TBR list.....and maybe you should too.

Here's what Barbara had to say....

"Because such as you are, having learned what that is."  This admonition, from Pindar, comes nearly at the end of Kate Atkinson's joy of a book, but not nearly at the end of her Ursula's story, nor at the end of ours, either, for aren't we all forever in the process of becoming? 

I adored, simply adored, this very smart, very funny, very heart-wrenching book. I loved that it demands one's full intelligence, one's utmost attention, a real knowledge of history, a sense of humor, and a sense of awe. Why shouldn't a book ask as much of its readership as readers ask of a book?"


Kate Atkinson is a British novelist. Her first novel SCENES AT THE MUSEUM won the Whitebread Book of the Year Award and she has been a critically acclaimed best selling author ever since.

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