And no, I am not referring to myself!

There have been excellent reviews about a new novel by Richard Mason called HISTORY OF A PLEASURE SEEKER. Here's some descriptive phrases; "Seductive, engaging, humorous, and best of all...a sharp eye and wit to rival Oscar Wilde."

The novel opens in Amsterdam at the turn of the century and moves to New York during the financial crisis. It's about a young man with an appreciation for pleasure and a gift for finding it.  

Richard Mason paints a lush tale of how one man changed an entire family and in turn leaves behind his poverty stricken youth for another world. The novel is a "provocative and engaging portrait of an individual, a family and a time."

The Washington Post labeled it "A best new work of fiction, a classic. It's hard not to be seduced by this intoxicating read." (And there's a lot of seduction.....)

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  2. Hi, Just letting you know that I'm following you back. This book sounds very intriguing.